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Asrın lost his family at the age of 6 due to his father’s murder of his mother and himself. Following this incident, he became homeless at an early age after losing his maternal grandparents who cared for him. With poverty making it impossible for him to continue his education, he dropped out of middle school, he was soon taken by the local police to an orphanage in Istanbul when he was 15 years old.

During his orphanage years, he was introduced to boxing and quickly ranked up to the national team. Having only a secondary school education, Asrin thought himself English with dreams of going to America to become a professional boxer. When he was sent away from the orphanage at the age of 19, he then was forced to quit boxing and reconsider his life choices due to financial struggles.

With jobs available not matching his ambition, and educational background, he proceeded to explore various foreign-related businesses such as property management for foreigners in Istanbul, FX, and Commodity trading. He is currently managing multiple properties, and CEO of his Start-up, Buddy.

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